IDENTAX in a few words

IDENTAX bacterial identifier is a free program for the taxonomical identification of bacteria using phenotypical characteristics. It is aimed at the microbiologist community, and also at any field with a need for cheap and fast classification of unknown strains of bacteria.

In order to perform the identification process, IDENTAX uses the existing knowledge of various scientific workgroups, wich generously yield matrices containing the prior probabilities of a taxa set of response (in a positive or negative way) to a specific test.

This software is developed using Sun Microsystems Java technology and runs perfectly on almost all existing operating systems. Also, it is distributed under the LGPL license, allowing free use and modification of IDENTAX to all users.

If you would like to know more about the program, please see the screenshots and download it. For any unresolved questions or requests feel free to contact me.

This software has been peer-reviewed and published in:

Flores, O. , L.A. Belanche, and A.R. Blanch. 2009. New multiplatform computer program for numerical identification of microorganisms. J Clin Microbiol 47:4133-4135.

android_logo NEW: an Android version of IDENTAX is available on Google Play