Matrix introduction

IDENTAX bases the identification process on the prior work of researchers and scientific workgroups. Anyone can create his or her own matrix, but time and resources are needed to extract the phenotypical characteristics from each taxon that will be used by the tests to discriminate.

Thus, many of these matrices are submitted to scientific publications and generously adapted for IDENTAX by their own authors or thirds. If you own any data set not available here and you want distribute it to the community through this page, please contact me and I will be pleased to attach it.

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Original Matrices

Enterococcus keys 1999 [IMAT]
Manero & Blanch. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 1999, 65, 4425-4430

Vibrio keys 1994 [XLSX]
Alsina & Blanch J Appl Bact 1994, 76, 79-85

Vibrio keys 2008 [IMAT]
Noguerola & Blanch. J Appl Microbiol 2008, 105, 175-185

Matrices adapted from Bryan, T.N.1

Actinoplanes species [XLSX]
Long J Ind Micro, 1994, 13, 300-310

Aeromonas Hybridization Groups [XLSX]
Oakey et al 1-13 Zbl Bakt, 1995, 284, 32-46

Aeromonas species [XLSX]
Carson et al. 2001 J App Micro 90:190-200

Bacillus sphearicus identification [XLSX]
Alexander & Priest J. Gen Micro, 1990, 136, 367-376

Bacillus species [XLSX]
Priest & Alexander J.Gen.Micro 1988, 134, 3011-3018

Coryneform bacteria [XLSX]
Kämpfer & Seiler J Gen Appl Microbiol 1993, 39, 215-236

Campylobacters, Helicobacters and allied taxa [XLSX]
On et al J Appl Bact, 1996, 81, 425-432

Enterobacteriaceae [XLSX]
Holmes & Costas Soc Appl Bact 1992, 29, 127-149

Gram -ve aerobic fermentative rods [XLSX]
Holmes et al J Gen Micro 1986, 132, 3113-3135

Gram -ve aerobic non-fermenters [XLSX]
Holmes et al J Gen Micro 1986, 132, 1827-1842

Gram +ve aerobic cocci [XLSX]
Feltham & Sneath J Gen Micro 1982, 128, 713-720

Lactobacillus species [XLSX]
Maissin et al Belgian J Food Chem & Biotech 1987 42, 176-183

Slowly growing mycobacteria [XLSX]
Wayne et al Int J Syst Bacteriol 1991, 41, 463-472

Medically important Pseudomonas species [XLSX]
Costas et al Soc Appl Bact 1992, 29, 1-19

Major Streptomyces species [XLSX]
Langham et al J Gen Microbiol 1989 135, 121-133

Minor Streptomyces specie [XLSX]
Langham et al J Gen Micro 1989 135, 121-133

Streptomyces species minitests [XLSX]
Kämpfler et al J Gen Micro. 1991, 137, 1893-1902

Streptoverticillium species [XLSX]
Williams et al J Gen Micro 1985 131, 1681-1689

Vibrio & related genera [XLSX]
Bryant et al J Appl Bact 1986, 61, 469-480

1 Bryant,T.N. 2004. PIBWin - software for probabilistic identification. J Appl Microbiol 97, 1326-1327